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Our Clientele

Bespoke solutions for diversified clients

We love the fact that our clients return to us year after year. NGM has built a solid reputation amongst our clients for honesty, integrity and being straight forward in our business approach. We truly partner with our clients through all stages of their business journey.

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Industries Serviced

Industries that our clients are currently in vary reflecting the breadth and capacity of our accounting and audit consultants. NGM currently services clients in:

  • Professional services (such as law firms, architects, recruitment companies, media and advertising, management consulting etc).

  • Trading (ranging from oil & gas equipment trading, FMCG import/exporters, building materials, fire and safety etc)

  • IT and software (software developers, consultancies, software training, data center developers)

  • Healthcare (boutique clinics and healthcare service providers)

  • Financial services (insurance brokers, money exchange consultancies)

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Types of Organisations Served

Our client base varies from multinational companies both based in the UAE or their representative offices in the UAE, regional diversified business groups to individual/single shareholder companies. No matter how big or small, or whichever stage of growth the client is in, we ensure each client is awarded the same level of professional service and attention NGM has come to be known for.

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